Dawn after the darkest hour

Dawn after the darkest hour

A lone sentry keeping watch from this Martello tower waits anxiously for news from across the English Channel. When it comes his heart sinks with dismay.. Continue reading “Dawn after the darkest hour”


A Winter Dawn

A Winter Dawn

All is still, and quiet as the early winter sun appears over the  rooftops. The freshness of a new day is so welcome when the sun’s warmth is rising. Even in the cold a sunny day makes so much difference. A new day comes pristine, hopeful and full of possibilities.  This is ‘day’s most sacred hour‘ – a daily gift of grace, Continue reading “A Winter Dawn”

Michaelmas – angels unawares

Michaelmas – angels unawares

Keats’ ‘gathering swallows twittering in the skies‘ have gone and last week I heard the plaintive call of a chiff chaff, a sign that other migrants are on their way back south, to warmer climes. We’re left alone to contemplate with the sad autumnal song  of ‘the redbreast whistling from a garden croft’. We feel we’ve been watching summer’s ‘soft dying day‘. Continue reading “Michaelmas – angels unawares”

Thinking He was the Gardener

The Garden of Gethsemane
The Garden of Gethsemane, where it all happened 2000 years ago.

Imagine how miserable those first disciples of Jesus must have felt after the terrible events of Good Friday. The words of those two on the road to Emmaus say what they all must have thought  ‘we had hoped that he would be the one who was going to redeem Israel……..’  (Luke’s Gospel chapter 24 verse 21)  But then, on the third day, the most wonderful thing happened and all was changed.

Continue reading “Thinking He was the Gardener”

The Velveteen Rabbit


I hope you won’t mind, but for this post I want to use a story as a sort of personal reflection on a theme dear to my own heart – the Father-heart of God. In the midst of a cold January spell of weather, I hope it will come as a cordial to warm us from the inside.

Oh Dear !

Just take a look at this rather sad looking toy rabbit. Nothing much to notice really – hardly deserves a second glance. It looks rather shabby, worn and neglected, unlike the other toys around which look shiny and new, fresh from their Christmas-wrapped boxes.

However, first appearances can be deceptive, as we will soon see: Continue reading “The Velveteen Rabbit”