Walking the Fells with Wordsworth

Walking the Fells with Wordsworth

What draws the crowds to the Lake District? If you’ve ever been there you’ll know. But leave the car and the tourists and start climbing into the fells. You’ll soon find yourself alone walking where Wordsworth walked and sharing his thoughts so beautifully expressed in his poetry. 

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Our Lost Wildflower Meadows


‘And  that will be England gone, the shadows, the meadows, the lanes….. all that remains for us will be concrete and tyres’

On holiday recently, passing mile upon mile of road-side verges sprayed with weedkiller, I couldn’t help thinking of these ringing words from Philip Larkin’s disturbing poem ’Going,Going’.  Even back in 1972 he was warning of the way we are trashing our environment. Those sprayed verges are understandable as part of essential high-way maintenance yet, in a way, deeply disturbing. With the road-sides looking like a ‘scorched earth’ policy it raises the question ‘Where have all the wild flowers gone?‘

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At Home in the South Downs

The Arun Valley in the South Downs

‘This other Eden, demi-paradise,…This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England’

William Shakespeare

The South Downs

This time I’ve not travelled far– just a few miles down the road. Welcome to my own ‘patch’. Join me as we sit looking out over the beautiful Arun valley – a favourite local view. Our eyes look over the part- natural, yet heavily manicured, countryside of farm fields, the river and up into downs beyond.  As we sit and take in the scene, we begin looking at the details, seeing things we had not noticed before. We become aware of a living landscape.

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