The Wonder and the Mystery

       The Wonder and the Mystery



A ferry boat full of excited visitors is making the short journey across the water to a small rugged island off Mull in Western Highlands of Scotland. With the gulls calling overhead and the salty wind blowing in their faces, there is a sense of expectation in the passengers. The smell, sounds, and sights in this remote place are refreshingly far removed from the hectic, noisy hype and creature comforts of our modern city lives. With some relief after a long journey, by land and sea, the visitors step ashore on this tiny, but very special place, conscious that they are stepping back in time as thousands of visitors and pilgrims have done before them. This is a ‘thin place’ – where heaven and earth seem to meet. It has been a place dear to many Christians—we feel a sense of connection with our early Christian forefathers here. This island is, of course, Iona. Continue reading “The Wonder and the Mystery”

Gloxinia glory, from a single packet of seeds, sown in May.

       When The Garden Comes Indoors

Early December

Many gardeners have hung up their boots and retreated indoors to look out upon a rather dismal garden scene closed down for the winter. Except for the really hardy ones, the roaming photographers have turned to indoor subjects. Other people are concentrating on shopping and food for Christmas and thinking about next year’s summer holidays! …What good can come out of the garden this month?

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               Kindred Spirits

I love Keats’ delicate descriptions of the natural world. We wish that he had lived longer than his so very short life of a mere 25 years—what a great loss that he died so young, yet what fruitful 25 years. As he suggests, there is great joy and delight to be discovered in escaping the restless world of city life through time spent in solitude amidst ‘Nature’s Observatory’:

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